Télécharger Aquaman Vol 7 #25 - Death of a King, Chapter Seven - VO

Aquaman Vol 7 #25 - Death of a King, Chapter Seven - VO

Catégorie : eBooks

Genre : Science fiction

Date de sortie : janvier 2014

Editeur(s) : DC COMICS

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2.7/5 (9 votes)

After learning the story of the Dead King, Aquaman and Vulko swim to the coast of Spain and go to an abandoned shipwreck. There, Arthur takes the scepter of the Dead King, where it was hidden after the Atlanteans attacked the surface world. Arthur plans to control the Trench in order to save Atlantis and defeat the Dead King. He believes the Trench are not controlled by the scepter itself. Instead, the Trench have a primal instinct that makes them obey whoever has the scepter, because of their ancestry. As the Trench close in on them, Arthur commands them to stop.
Meanwhile in Atlantis; Atlan, also known as the Dead King, has commanded Nereus and his forces to search for the other sea kingdoms he founded. Nereus says he has found nothing, but Atlan forces him to keep searching, otherwise Mera shall be murdered. Atlan has also imprisoned any Atlantean loyal to Arthur. Afterwards, Nereus goes to visit Mera, who has been imprisoned after Atlan took over. Nereus says he will release her if she marries him, but she maintains her loyalty to Arthur.


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